+ Will Exiss / Sooner stand up to rugged Australian roads?
+ How many years Warranty will I receive with my Exiss / Sooner Trailer?
+ Can I source spare parts for my Exiss / Sooner?
+ Who do I make a warranty claim through?
+ Where do I get any Warranty work done ?
+ Is my Warranty transferrable?
- Do Exiss / Sooner trailers comply with Australian standards?

All Exiss Trailers imported by us (or purchased through us) are custom built to comply with Australian standards and regulations including the correct width, weight and lighting requirements. All trailers sold by us have a Current Safety Certificate, Qld Registration and Gas Compliance plate if applicable. There is nothing you need to worry about - we do it all for you. All prices are quoted are driveaway inclusive of GST with Qld Registration. All paperwork is supplied in order to ensure a smooth transfer into any other Australian State or Territory.

+ Are Exiss / Sooner Trailers LQ areas AGA certified?
+ Is the LQ wiring suitable for 240V?
+ Are Exiss / Sooner trailers the correct width for Australia?
+ How long does a custom Exiss / Sooner trailer to arrive?