+ Will Exiss / Sooner stand up to rugged Australian roads?
+ How many years Warranty will I receive with my Exiss / Sooner Trailer?
+ Can I source spare parts for my Exiss / Sooner?
+ Who do I make a warranty claim through?
+ Where do I get any Warranty work done ?
+ Is my Warranty transferrable?
+ Do Exiss / Sooner trailers comply with Australian standards?
+ Are Exiss / Sooner Trailers LQ areas AGA certified?
+ Is the LQ wiring suitable for 240V?
+ Are Exiss / Sooner trailers the correct width for Australia?
- How long does a custom Exiss / Sooner trailer to arrive?

The wait time is approx. 16 to 28 weeks on a custom order from the time your deposit is received to the time your trailer is ready to be picked up (or delivered) in Australia. The time varies as each model trailer can be simpler or more complicated depending on the size and the LQ fitout and current international shipping schedules. We try to keep all customers well informed as to the progress of any trailers they may have on order.