+ Will Exiss / Sooner stand up to rugged Australian roads?
+ How many years Warranty will I receive with my Exiss / Sooner Trailer?
+ Can I source spare parts for my Exiss / Sooner?
+ Who do I make a warranty claim through?
- Where do I get any Warranty work done ?

You can have any warranty work done at any REGISTERED Australian Business. You must supply photos of any defective parts / problems to us (Exiss Australia) or Universal Trailer Group. Your invoice (upon warranty dept. approval) for repairs will then be paid or you will be re-imbursed if you have already paid. Please keep in mind that all warranty claims must be approved by the Warranty Department (USA) . Repairs / replacements will be only be issued due to faulty worksmanship or materials.

+ Is my Warranty transferrable?
+ Do Exiss / Sooner trailers comply with Australian standards?
+ Are Exiss / Sooner Trailers LQ areas AGA certified?
+ Is the LQ wiring suitable for 240V?
+ Are Exiss / Sooner trailers the correct width for Australia?
+ How long does a custom Exiss / Sooner trailer to arrive?