+ Will Exiss / Sooner stand up to rugged Australian roads?
- How many years Warranty will I receive with my Exiss / Sooner Trailer?

All Exiss units have a Structural Warranty of 8yrs and a 3yr Limited parts warranty. All Sooner units have a 10yr Structural Warranty and 3yr Limited Parts Warranty. Trailers with an LQ fitout by "Sierra Conversion" have a 12 months warranty on LQ components. Items such as A/C units, TVs, Tyres, Stoves are warrantied by the actual manufacturer of these products however we will help with processing any warranty claims. Structural Warranties are transferrable. The current transfer fee set by Exiss USA is $450 USD for ownership transfers within the alloted Warranty period. Warranty is Free of charge and inclusive for all purchasers who buy a NEW Exiss trailer from an Authorised dealer.

+ Can I source spare parts for my Exiss / Sooner?
+ Who do I make a warranty claim through?
+ Where do I get any Warranty work done ?
+ Is my Warranty transferrable?
+ Do Exiss / Sooner trailers comply with Australian standards?
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